Frozen Sewer Repair in Toledo, OH

When temperatures drop below freezing, older homes and businesses need to start worrying about the integrity of their plumbing. Old pipes and dated plumbing infrastructure can quickly succumb to the cold, leading to frozen plumbing and, worse still, burst pipes.

If you’re dealing with frosty plumbing or suspect issues attributed to the cold, call Rooter Pro Sewer & Drain Cleaning for pipe and frozen sewer repair in Toledo, OH. We’ll identify affected areas, defrost them properly, repair any damage and advise you on how to avoid future issues during a cold snap.

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Frozen Pipe Detection

Sometimes, frozen pipes are easy to spot. They have a layer of frost on them or have developed an icy sheen. Other times, however, you might not know your plumbing is frozen until it’s too late. Ice blockages can expand where they freeze, causing your pipes to warp or burst!

Our team is adept at spotting frozen plumbing wherever it is in your system. We can visually inspect your plumbing inside and out with our state-of-the-art technology finding blockages and fixing them fast.

Proper Pipe Thawing

To prevent more damage from occurring, frozen plumbing needs to be properly thawed. A space heater and a hairdryer just won’t do it! We have special pipe thawing machines to help get the water running again, allowing ice damming to be slowly alleviated and the pressure building behind it slowly reduced.

Frozen Pipes Repair

Sometimes, previously frozen pipes leave behind cracks, leaks or other damage. We round out our service with frozen pipes repair in Toledo, OH. We can replace damaged sections and check to make sure you’re not left with leaks. We also help advise our customers on how to properly insulate their plumbing against the next cold snap.

Frozen Pipes Repair

Need Frozen Sewer Repairs?

Frozen plumbing has the potential to become a big problem unless it’s dealt with the right way. Rooter Pro Sewer & Drain Cleaning will help you defrost, repair and protect your plumbing and sewer from the harsh temperatures of winter.

Contact us at 419-726-9335 if you suspect you need frozen pipes repair, rooter service, grease trap cleaning, and more in Toledo, Shoreland, Lucas County, and Alexis Addition, OH.