Commercial Services in Toledo, OH

Commercial plumbing is under heavy load day after day. The only way to keep thousands of gallons flowing smoothly is to partner up with a reliable commercial plumber in Toledo, OH. Rooter Pro Sewer & Drain Cleaning is your partner for a full range of plumbing services, including for repairs, maintenance and replacements.

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Grease Trap Service

Emptying your grease trap is a form of preventive maintenance—one that will prevent messy problems from forming. Don’t try to muck out your own grease trap, though! Call us for grease trap cleaning in Toledo, OH and let us take care of things the right way. We’re experienced in pumping and cleaning traps of all sizes, delivering peace of mind to commercial kitchens, delis, grocery stores, fast food eateries and any other venue with a grease trap.

Sewer Repair/Replacement

When drains are blocked, leaking or collapsed, it’s going to cause big problems for your plumbing. We can repair or replace sewer drains as necessary, or give them a thorough rooting to restore their integrity. Call us before major backups and other issues start to occur and we’ll make sure they never have a chance to disrupt your business.

Septic Repair/Replacement

If your septic system is backing up or needs to be replaced, you’re going to need the help of a qualified professional. Give us a call and make sure any repairs or replacements are handled appropriately, by a qualified plumber. We work quickly and deliver reliable solutions, so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

Plumbing Services

We’re on-call for all types of general plumbing services, including repairing toilets, replacing faucets, unclogging drains in kitchens and bathrooms, and more. Our familiarity with all types of commercial establishments means we can tailor our plumbing services to meet your needs.

Sump Pump Installation

If major rainfalls or poor grading are giving your business trouble, we can work to install a sump pump system as part of a flood mitigation plan. And, once it’s installed, we’ll service and maintain your sump pump to help your business stand tall against any amount of rainfall.

Maintain Your Commercial Plumbing

Put your commercial plumbing in the qualified hands of professionals at Rooter Pro Sewer & Drain Cleaning. We’ll make sure it gets the routine care and problem-solving services it needs to function reliably. Reach us today at 419-726-9335.